End Dismemberment Abortions!

Brutal method is used to harvest baby body parts.

Recent undercover videos have exposed one of the ugliest sides of the abortion industry–the trafficking in baby body parts (tiny livers, hearts, brains, lungs, limbs, etc.). Many of these baby body parts are obtained by dismemberment abortions.

Dismemberment abortion is a common and brutal method of killing unborn children by tearing them limb from limb. This must end.




Dismemberment abortions are performed on living, growing unborn children who have beating hearts, detectable brain waves, legs, arms, eyelids, toes, fingerprints, and every organ system in place.

Dismemberment abortion involves using forceps or similar instruments to grasp parts of a living, developing unborn child (many of whom can feel pain), and using these tools to twist and tear away pieces from the child until her entire body is removed from the womb.

Kansas and Oklahoma have already banned this brutal abortion method, and several states are considering similar legislation.

It’s time for legislation that would protect unborn children from barbaric dismemberment abortions!

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